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Network setup and security

Setting up an internal network (Workshop, Domain)
Providing Client and Server Setup Services
Providing setup equipment for switches and routers
Installation of wireless networks
Providing solutions for network problems
Installation and running of various servers (Mail server, Proxy server, web server, ...)
Virus detection and installation of centralized antivirus along with managerial reports
Design and implementation of network management and monitoring projects
Implementing corporate email
Providing Services of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, ISA, WSUS, Routing and etc.
Inter-network communication and telecommunication
Design and implementation of local and wide area networks (LAN-WAN)
Implementing virtualization to make the most use of network hardware resources and preventing unnecessary expenses

Network support and maintenance

Maintenance and support of servers and clients
Maintenance and support of switch and router equipment
Providing maintenance services and support for server room equipment including rack, server and etc.
Network documentation and standardization based on security standards
Periodic backup of your network information and servers

Web Design

Corporate and personal website design based on customer needs with the newest methods in the world Combining knowledge and creativity in creating professional websites
Dramatically improving rankings in search results based on the latest Google algorithms
Developing and implementing the necessary standards to improve the performance and position of the website in search engines
Supporting and maintenance of the website
Providing advice by the design and SEO team

Financial and Accounting Services

Modification and adjustment of accounts
implementation of financial and cost systems
Consulting for installation and implementation of financial systems and training of human resources
Proposing, designing and implementing various types of account coding
Assisting companies in hiring a reliable and experienced accountant and sending accountant and providing financial staff
Preparation of financial statements of natural and legal persons
Resolving financial disputes between partners and shareholders
Providing other financial services required by institutions and companies per case



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