Armin Tajhiz Negar Imen Company began its formal activities with a focus on computer networks and each year progressed one step further, thanks to the divine help and our experienced experts. As a result of its more than a decade of specialized experience, this company is today one of the top companies in this industry. This company is one of the most successful companies in Iran for the development of customer order software, design and operation of computer networks, artificial intelligence and programming. With a focus on information technology services, it has joint ventures with companies that produce and support web-based and Windows-based financial and accounting software. The company has always been able to use the most current computer network technologies and software production. This includes listening to and using the opinions of its customers when developing software, evaluating and monitoring IT designs, etc., to satisfy individual customer needs and tastes. The Armin Tajhiz Negar Company conducts business in the fields of consulting, design, and implementation of software, hardware, and network systems. Therefore, it has concluded various contracts with employers in a variety of fields since starting its activity. With nearly a decade of experience in implementing corporate and organizational projects as well as having specialized and experienced personnel including senior managers, engineers, and professional supporters, this company is one of the most successful in its field. A certification of ISO 10002: 2018, ISO 10004: 2012, a certificate of competency of information services, as well as an activity license from the Computer Guild Organization of Tehran Province, confirms the effectiveness of the company's activities. In its vision statement, Armin Tajhiz Negar Imen Company describes itself as a leader in the field of information technology. Our company is a growing organization that prides itself on its knowledge-based management, skilled and efficient people, comprehensive and effective structure, and rich software and hardware capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction.


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